May 17, 2023

Gaming Under A Neon Light

Judging by the presence of an Atari Jaguar on the counter, I believe that this photo is from late 1993 or 1994.  It was taken inside of a Video Gamer store and was shared on Twitter by Twitch streamer @LazrDaddy.  His parents owned and operated the store throughout the 80's and 90's.

Detroit Free Press  (February 20, 1994)

I wasn't able to find an advertisement for this particular store, but there were ads for franchise opportunities for a store chain that went by the same name.  The logo in the ad is pretty similar to the neon sign on the back wall of the store.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any other information about a chain of Video Gamer stores, but it looks like a pretty awesome place.  It reminds me of the game stores that we had in Northeast PA throughout the 90's.