Jun 9, 2023

Big Monkee Energy

Man, I wish I could talk about the movie that we watched at the Patreon screening last night because it was a banger!  We watched a 35mm print of a science fiction movie from the early 80's that I had never heard of before last night, but I enjoyed it so much that I ordered a copy from eBay this morning.

Beth brought pizza back to the snack bar for last night's screening.  This was a regular menu item at the Mahoning in the years before we made it our home away from home, but it was discontinued.  I can definitely see why.  I'm sure that the prep time in the "slowster" caused the line to back up pretty badly on busy weekends, so it makes sense to focus on grab-and-go stuff like hot dogs, hamburgers, corn dogs and tater tots.  Still, I was very glad to see it back for the Patreon screening.  It was delicious (especially with marinara sauce cups for dipping), and I hope to see it back one of these days.

There was also a free movie themed dessert courtesy of Val.  It was called Big Monkee Energy, which was not only delicious, but it was also the final clue that, along with the pre-show music, helped my wife to guess what the movie was going to be before showtime.  Mark didn't confirm whether or not she guessed right when she happily ran into the booth, but everybody knew as soon as the title card came up on the screen, closely followed by a loud cheer of "I was right!".

Great friends, great food, great tunes, great movie, and even pretty great weather with just a slight drizzle for a couple of minutes that didn't ever turn into rainfall.  What else could you ask for?  It was another wonderful night in our happy place.