Jul 15, 2023

Pineapple Poke and Smoothies

We visited a place called The Slatington Marketplace earlier today, which is sort of like an antiques mall with a built-in food court, farmers market, and event center.  As usual, I took a million pictures so I'll be writing more about the rest of the place later, but I had to take a minute to acknowledge the food.  There were at least a dozen different bars and restaurants on the premises with enough options available to make just about everybody happy.

I had a ginger chicken poke bowl, which was made up of large chunks of grilled chicken, sweet onions, sesame seeds, edamame, and pineapple, and it was topped with a yuzu wasabi dressing and a sweet chili sauce.  It was absolutely delicious!

Also, because it was a ridiculously hot day and because you can never have too much pineapple, we both had a Pina Colada fruit smoothie from another restaurant in the food court called True Blue Mediterranean Express, which really hit the spot!