Jul 7, 2023

You Are What You Eat

The Sirens Call
Issue 62 - Summer 2023
My friend and fellow drive-in mutant Louie Sullivan has had one of his short stories published in the most recent issue of The Sirens Call.

This dude has such an active life that I'm convinced that one of two things is happening.  Either he is one of a set of triplets who pass themselves off as a single individual (his brothers, of course, are named Huey and Dewey in this headcanon), or he has succeeded in inventing the duplication machine from Multiplicity and the world is now filled with copies of a guy from New Jersey who can be found at your nearest theme park, ballgame, or drive-in movie theater.

All kidding aside, he's a creative and talented dude.  His first published story is called You Are What You Eat.  Click here and turn to page 61 to read it, but be forewarned... you may never look at your favorite fast food burger the same way again.