Aug 7, 2023

Drinking Shirley Temples With A Penguin

Neo Trios Menu
Friendly's (2004)
We found this framed kids menu from Friendly's Restaurant at Weil Antique Center in Allentown last week.  In 2004, children 12 and under cold get a meal with a drink and an ice cream dessert for $4.49.  Not a bad deal!  The artwork on the menu is what caught my eye.  Each item is represented by a little monster, robot, animal, or other character.  Below is a close-up of each of them, or at least as good of a close-up as I could get through the reflections on the frame.

The menu also has an Eye Spy game.  See if you can find the following items in the pictures: gas mask, scar, whiskers, lasso, goggles, bandanna, handlebars, sword, feathers, wings, a mustache, and a hat.  You should be able to find them pretty easily because they're not hidden all that well.