Sep 3, 2023

A Palace On A Train

Tandoor Palace Restaurant & Bar
I-80 Exit 299Tannersville, PA
I've only ever been to an Indian restaurant once in my life prior to this weekend.  My wife and I spent Christmas in London back in 2014, and everybody that we met on the trip told us that no trip to the UK is complete until you've had a chance to try Indian food.  We stopped at a place on Earl's Court called Masala Zone, and everything I had there was outstanding.  Unfortunately, it wasn't quite to my wife's tastes, which pretty much put the brakes on Indian cuisine in our restaurant options.

Fortunately, my friend Mike not only loves Indian food, but he knew of an excellent restaurant that's not too far away, so we stopped for their buffet lunch on Sunday afternoon before the final night of Camp Blood IX at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater.

The restaurant itself is pretty amazing from the moment that you pull into the parking lot.  The building is attached to an old train with the dining area set up in a train car.  A poster on believes that it was once a Philadelphia Navy Yard Engine before the Navy sold all of them off in the late 50's.  It's a very groovy and comfortable atmosphere with air conditioner units built into each side of the train car to keep things nice and cool during the heat wave that we've been experiencing.

I am the furthest thing from an expert that you are ever going to find when it comes to Indian cuisine, but I can tell you that everything that I had off of the buffet tasted hot, fresh, and delicious!  Mike described the things on the buffet to me as we were getting food, but my memory isn't good and I forget what most of the things that I tried are called.  I know that one of the things I had was Chicken Tikka Masala, but I'm not positive of which item that is on the photo above.  I believe that the thing that looks like a dumpling is called a vegetable samosa.  I also tried every non-seafood curry that they had on the buffet, and a few other chicken dishes that I do not remember the name of, and all of it was very flavorful with a spice that was present without being overpowering.  I would definitely come here again!