Oct 2, 2023

A Last Look At The 2023 Bloomsburg Fair

Bloomsburg Fair
Bloomsburg, PA  (2023)
If you haven't guessed, I'm a pretty big fan of the Bloomsburg Fair, and I tend to take a lot of photos of things that I come across on the fairgrounds.  With that in mind, here are some non-food related things that we saw this year.

One of our stops at the Bloomsburg Fair every year is to the Folk's Butterfly Farm building.  You pay $3 to visit an enclosed area with butterflies, and you're given a Q-Tip soaked in sugar water so that you can feed them.

We didn't play Bingo, I Got It, the Dime Toss, or the Candy Game this year, but I don't think I could ever pass up an opportunity to play Skee Ball.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that it still only costs 25 cents to play... can't think of too many things that are the same price as when I was six years old.

We didn't play any of the carnival games either, mostly because we don't really have much space for a prize even if one of us won.  If I was going to try to win a prize, it would have been either a stuffed Ramen Noodles package or a stuffed can of Spam.

The theme of Horticulture Hall this season was "Celebrate Autumn's Beauty".

I'm sure that this wasn't the intention, but I found some of the flower pot figures to be a little creepy.  If you leaned in to horror as a design choice, these could be a good addition to a haunted house.

These are some of the plants, flowers, and other displays from Horticulture Hall this season that I especially enjoyed seeing.  Truth be told, I could probably have taken at least two dozen more photos that I liked.  I don't know very much about plants and flowers, but I like looking at them.

These are some of the fruit, vegetables, and other displays found at Agricultural Hall.  I don't know what goes into judging these... I just want to eat them!

I've seen a lot of big pumpkins over the years, but none have been bigger than the one grown in Berwick by Robert Broyan that was on display in Agricultural Hall this year.  It weighed in at 1,621 pounds, which is a new Bloomsburg Fair record.

There were a lot of other contenders for the title on display as well.  I can only imagine how many pumpkin pies these could make!

The baked goods on display always make me wonder how much money could be raised if they raffled off the opportunity to come in at the end of the Fair and eat as much of the cakes, cookies, and other goodies that you would like.  These cakes were my favorites of the ones that were on display.  I unfortunately cannot vouch for how they taste, but they definitely look very cool.

Arts & Crafts Hall was filled with photographs, drawings, paintings, and other artwork.  Below are my favorites out of the ones that I got to see.  I don't know if any of these pieces have a name, but the artists name is listed.

left:  Judy Moore
right:  Theresa Zeares
left:  Karomy Rivas
right:  Alexandra Yuhas
left:  Kayden Garrison
right:  Lenox Miller
left:  Jivko Ivanov
right:  Anthony Adams

I wasn't able to see if there was a name on any of the painted pumpkins, but the happy little Frankenstein one was my favorite.

These Safe T Homes from GoServ Global were built in Haiti, and each of them were able to withstand 145 mile per hour winds from Hurricane Matthew in 2016, as well as a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in August 2021.

And that's a wrap on the Bloomsburg Fair in 2023.