Jan 18, 2024

The World Is Closing In

Bleecker Street (2024)
Movie trailers, overall, are usually pretty terrible.  Often times, they're cut in a way that completely misrepresents the tone of the movie.  They're also frequently guilty of spoiling major plot points which ruins the experience that the film is trying to create.  It's kind of hard to get too invested in a character when you saw them get stabbed to death in the preview three weeks before the movie even premiered, ya know?  Sometimes, they are so overplayed that they give me a negative opinion of the movie before it even comes out.  That's where I'm at with Argylle right now.  It looked mildly interesting the first time that I saw the trailer, but they've played it so often that when I see it now, it makes me think that it's going to be a generic cookie-cutter action comedy with its humor lifted from a corny 90's sitcom.

It's rare that a trailer inspires me to want to see the film, and I find that I can still appreciate it after I've seen the movie, but this one does the job.

This is how a trailer should be done, and I have just as high of praise for I.S.S.  The plot device is a pretty gutsy move in 2024, and while the story follows the American crew more closely, it's presented in as neutral of a manner as possible.  There's no commentary on which country are the "good guys" and which are the "bad guys" back on Earth, or even among the crew on the International Space Station.  The point is that there's war and chaos going on all around, and both sides have people who are noble and people who aren't.  More importantly than that, this is a suspense flick that's done the right way.  It sets up the characters and their relationships well before putting them at conflict against each other in a confined environment.  It's a great flick that is definitely worth seeing on the big screen.