Feb 16, 2024

Pre-Show Crunch Wraps

Bite American Tacos
East Stroudsburg, PA
We found this groovy little restaurant next door to the Pocono Cinema & Cultural Center in East Stroudsburg which hosted an off-season gathering of the Mahoning Drive-In family.

My wife and I ordered Crunch Wraps for dinner, both of which came with a side of cornbread and tortilla chips.  I got the Porkland Street Crunch Wrap, which was filled with shredded pork, rice, fiesta corn, bourbon sauce, and cheddar cheese, while she had the American Dream Crunch Wrap, which was stuffed with ground beef, lettuce, cheddar, and queso.  The filling in hers was topped with a sauce that tasted like barbecue which she wasn't expecting and didn't really want, so we ended up trading after a few bites, which was perfectly fine with me because I thought both of them were delicious.