Feb 9, 2024

Break Out The Kink-A-Rama Chart

Joe Bob's Very Violent Valentine
Shudder (2024)
The first Joe Bob Briggs special of 2024 will air at 9:00 pm tonight.  Here are the clues for tonight's double feature:
  • The first movie was so violent that the MPAA ordered 53 cuts before it could be released.
  • The second movie combined Andy Warhol's Factory with the sleaziest neighborhood in downtown El Lay.
It seems like a lot of folks are guessing My Bloody Valentine for the first feature and Vamp for the second.

UPDATE: Well, they had the second movie right, but the first movie was the 1996 Matthew Bright crime comedy: Freeway.  I haven't watched Freeway since I was a teenager, and I forgot that I had even seen it until about five minutes in, but I'm glad they reminded me of it tonight.  Damn, what a great flick!