Mar 29, 2024

Joe Bob's Spreading It Out

The Last Drive In
Shudder (2024)
Joe Bob Briggs reached out to fans on Instagram earlier this week to clarify how the sixth season of The Last Drive-In is going to play out.

Here's how it's going to work: episodes of The Last Drive In going forward will not automatically be double features.  There will be a few specials that will have two movies, but most episodes are going to be a single feature.  They're also going to broadcast on Shudder every other week instead of every week.  On the plus side, the season is going to continue throughout the year, and we'll end up with six more movies overall compared to the previous seasons.

I'm a fan of the new format.  I have to wake up early for work on Friday, so I usually end up falling asleep part of the way through the second half of a double feature.