Apr 25, 2024

Frosty Puffs Presents The Culling

Boy Kills World
Lionsgate (2024)
This week's Mystery Movie Monday more than made up for last week.

The movie that was shown is called Boy Kills World.  I recommend it if you enjoy action comedies and you're not scared off by a ridiculous amount of blood and gore, but just know that this is not a movie that you're meant to take seriously... at all.  The movie starts off with a bit of background about a dystopian future society in which the leader has an annual "culling" of her enemies, which might tempt you into thinking that you're about to watch something that holds a mirror up to society, but... nope.  This is a straight up live action cartoon.  Watching it feels like you're playing a video game that was programmed by crackheads.  It's funny as hell, and it seems destined to go down as a cult classic.