Apr 9, 2024

Solar Eclipse

This was the best picture that I could get of the full solar eclipse yesterday.  It was taken at 2:41 in the afternoon, about a half hour before totality.  The sky was very cloudy so we'd only get an occasional peek at the sun with the moon moving in at the bottom right.

I was hoping that the sky would clear up a bit by the time it reached full totality, but it got worse.  We weren't able to see even a hint of the sun behind the clouds.

Our friends Susan and Anthony from Lancaster sent us these two photos.  Susan took the one on top, and one of their friends took the one on the bottom.
The Sunday Journal - Lorain County, OH  (March 8, 1970)

Dwayne Cameron shared a photo of this newspaper that was published after the last time that the path of totality for a solar eclipse passed over the northeast part of the country.  It was just over ten years before I was born.  The headline referred to the fact that the next show would take place in 2024.  The next time we'll get to see a full solar eclipse in this part of the county is September 14th, 2099.  I've got a hunch that I won't be around to bitch about the cloud coverage for that one.