May 1, 2024

A Bit Of Aardvark Snark

Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries
Taco Bell (2024)
This used to be the place where you could stop and get a bag of food that would fill you up for five dollars with plenty of leftovers to munch on after you've sobered up.  Those days are long gone.  The prices have risen to being roughly equivalent to what you'd pay at a Mexican restaurant or a food truck in my area, and their food tastes a lot better than anything I've ever had at a Taco Bell.

The latest thing that I've tried from Taco Bell are these Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries.  They're not terrible, but they sure aren't worth damn near six dollars.  Even as I was eating them, I regretted not stopping at the McDonald's next door to pick up a large fries from them instead.

I actually really like Secret Aardvark hot sauce.  In fact, there's a bottle of it in my refrigerator right now, but for how much they cost, they should be tossing chunks of actual barbequed aardvark on these fries.