Jun 1, 2024

The First Rule Of Mac Club...

Club Mac flyer
McDonald's (June 1989)
This flyer for a Mac Tonight themed promotion was shared by Consumer Time Capsule earlier this year.  If you happen to fall into a time warp that brings you 35 years into the past and, for some reason, spits you in Utah, Wyoming, or Nevada, this bad boy will get you all of the special offers and privileges owed to a member of the prestigious Club Mac.

The Club Mac kit comes with a sticker for your DeLorean's bumper, as well as a snazzy membership card that you can whip out of your Velcro wallet for discounts offered by partner companies.  Pay full price?  Surely you jest madam!  I am with the moon.

Even if your sticker falls off of the car and you misplace your membership card, the Mac has you taken care of.  If you follow the instructions on the flyer, you need only look to the strip of paper dangling from the knobs on your car radio to save a little money on breakfast and a couple of salads.  Looks like you'll be paying full price for a Big Mac though.  Mac Tonight has got bills to pay, ya know.