Jun 6, 2024

Bloody Murder Never Felt So Dull

In A Violent Nature
IFC Films (2024)
I've seen a lot of slasher films in my life, but this is the first time that I've ever been bored by watching one.  In A Violent Nature is an homage to Friday The 13th, but shot mostly from a third person perspective of the killer.  Sounds like a cool idea in theory, but in practice, it's a lot of walking... and more walking... and more walking.  I'd estimate that a good 25% of the footage of this movie is watching the killer's back as he walks through the woods looking for his next victim.

Some of the kills are brutal, but they came across to me as being so over-the-top that they ended up feeling silly, like when Wile E. Coyote gets blown up while chasing the Road Runner.  There was no character development whatsoever.  The cinematography was gimmicky, and the dialogue reminded me of scenes out of a soap opera.  The only scene in the movie that kept my interest was the ride in the truck at the end with Lauren-Marie Taylor who delivers the only respectable acting performance in the entire film, but it's not even close to being enough to save the movie.  Hard pass.