Jun 25, 2024

Yes, It's Another Reuben

Reuben Melt
Leiby's Ice Cream House & Restaurant - Tamaqua, PA
At this point, I could probably start a spinoff blog called Reasonably Priced Reubens Within Driving Distance.  It's my go-to meal any time that I see it on a menu, and while some are better than others, it's never been a disappointing choice.

This one is from Leiby's Ice Cream House & Restaurant.  We pass this place every time we go to the Mahoning Drive-In Theater, but we haven't eaten here in three years.  I remember that the last time we visited was the middle of the pandemic when you still had to wear masks at restaurants and sit at a table that's away from any of the other customers.  I certainly don't miss the masks, but the peace and quiet of not being sat next to a loud family with a screaming baby was kind of nice back in those days.

The reuben sandwich has gone up in price by about three bucks since 2021, but it's still very tasty.  Their peach ice cream is pretty darn good too!