Mar 29, 2023

Moose Tacos

Bullwinkle's Taco Crunch Club card
Taco Bell (1993)
Thirty years ago, Taco Bell partnered with Jay Ward Productions for a series of promotion.  One of these was Bullwinkle's Taco Crunch Club.  Participating restaurants would punch your card for every taco that you bought, and you would receive a prize after every ten punches.  The first prize was soda, followed by a taco meal.  After that, you would start to receive Bullwinkle swag.

If you purchased thirty tacos during the promotional period, the fast food chain would reward you with a Rocky & Bullwinkle moose antler painters cap.

The grand prize came after you filled up the Bullwinkle's Taco Crunch Club card by purchasing your 40th taco.  When you did, you received this stylish Bullwinkle t-shirt that's suitable for weddings and funerals, as well as any and all moose-related social gatherings.