Mar 28, 2023

Food Of Distinction

The Schweitzer's
Route 103 - Sunapee, NH
A postcard of this restaurant came up when I was doing research for my family tree.  I'm not sure how (or if) the people who ran this place are related to me, but it looks like it was a pretty cool place.

There isn't too much information about this restaurant online, but I believe that it opened in the 60's and remained in operation until the mid 90's, but I can't say for sure if I have either of those correct.  I'm reasonably sure that they're not still open today, but if they are, they're doing a hell of a good job of keeping the place hidden.

The only other things that I was able to find from this restaurant is a scan of one of their matchbooks and part of their menu from the 1960's.  Included on the menu is their German potato salad, which was raved about by a reader of Uncle Phaedrus Consulting Detective and Finder of Lost Recipes blog.  Unfortunately, Uncle Phaedrus wasn't able to find the recipe.