Sep 9, 2005

(e):Nos Lives

Playstation Picks
Sony Playstation (1995)
Ten years ago today, the Sony Playstation was released in the United States.  I was 15 years old at the time, and I had lied about my age to get a part time job after school working at a Burger King that wasn't far from my grandparents house.  I didn't save up enough to buy it on launch day, but I bought it before Christmas, and it came with this purple Playstation Picks disc.

It took a little while before I could afford to buy some games (the first of which, if memory serves, was Mortal Kombat 3), so this disc spent a lot of time in my Playstation.  It included videos of a bunch of early Playstation titles and playable demos for ESPN Extreme Games, Jumping Flash, Battle Arena Toshinden and Wipeout, each of which absolutely blew my mind.