Mar 12, 2006

ROH vs CZW - The War Continues

Last month, I went to a CZW / ROH double header in Philadelphia.  The first show that night was CZW at the old ECW Arena, and the second show was ROH at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory.  The order has been reversed for this show, and both companies are holding their show at the most famous indy wrestling venue in the world on the corner of Swanson and Ritner.


After the main event, BJ Whitmer came to the ring to challenge CZW.  Members of the CZW locker room ran to the ring (including John Zandig, Necro Butcher and Super Dragon) to brawl with Whitmer and members of the ROH locker room.

CZW: When 2 World Collide
ECW ArenaPhiladelphia, PA


*Update: Both of these shows have been released on DVD.  The first is called Arena Warfare and is available on  The second is called When 2 Worlds Collide and is available on