Apr 10, 2006

Caesar's Palace

Caesar's Palace
Atlantic City, NJ
I have an odd appreciation for indoor settings  that are designed to feel like they're outdoors.  This is something I typically found in old malls that have a center court with a skylight, trees, park-style benches and faux roof awning that hangs over the entrances to some of the stores.

The best example that I ever found of what I'm talking about was at Epcot Center.  It was in one of the countries; Italy, I think, but it was fifteen years ago so I could be wrong.  I remember that it was so realistic that I actually forgot I was inside of a building until my stepmother mentioned it.

This section of Caesar's Palace isn't quite that realistic, but it had the same vibe.  It's a restaurant hub surrounded in Roman decor with trees and stone floors that give this area a feel of an outdoor cafe.

There's a large statue of Caesar Augustus near one of the entrances of this area.

The center has a large restaurant called Mia.  The main portion is through a set of pillars surrounded by a curtain, but there are tables with umbrellas on the outside as well.  The picture came out a little dark, but it really is very pretty.