Apr 9, 2006

Damn You, JohnnyBens

Allentown Service Plaza
Pennsylvania Turnpike - Allentown, PA
Unless I'm in a big hurry, I always make it a point to stop at the Allentown Rest Stop every time I'm headed down the Turnpike to Philly or Atlantic City, even if I'm good on fuel.  Part of that is the fact that it has the only Roy Rogers restaurant in the area.  However, my motivation recently has been the trivia game on the Megatouch machine.

This is the Megatouch Maxx Emerald 2.  It's a touchscreen arcade-style game that you usually find in bars, restaurants and truck stops.  One day, I stumbled onto a trivia game called Quiz Show and I managed to get the top score at 47,000.  Since that time, JohnnyBens swooped in and knocked me out, and I've been trying to get it back ever since.

Teriyaki is my dog's name, by the way.  We just call him Terry.