Jun 10, 2006

I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

Quick Stop Groceries
Leonardo Ave - Leonardo, NJ
Took a road trip through New Jersey this weekend.  The first stop was Quick Stop and RST Video where Kevin Smith filmed Clerks.  If you didn't see the film, Quick Stop wouldn't seem different from any other small convenience store that you've been to.  Thankfully, they were not out of Gatorade.

The clerk took my ridiculous overreaction to his workplace in good stride, no doubt used to nerds like me showing up to take photos.  There was no merchandise or signs that referenced the movie, but if you have seen it, you will recognize each of these locations.

The Quick Stop sign just under the roof where Dante and Randal play hockey.
There's a mysterious door between Quick Stop and RST Video that is labeled 58A.
The shutters were up.  They must have gotten out the gum that was jammed in the locks.
The coffee station is on the right hand size when you walk in. There is a sign warning you to not scratch lottery tickets here.
They sell Archie comics!  Now I can see if the Mr. Weatherbee rumors are true.
The birthplace of Salsa Shark.
The search for the perfect dozen continues.
If you look above the register, you'll see a Jay and Silent Bob bumper sticker.  It's the only Askewniverse ephemera here.
The fine must have gone up.  Dante only got a $500 fine for selling cigarettes to a four year old.