Jun 11, 2006

Man, I Hate It When I Can't Rent Videos!

RST Video
Leonardo Ave - Leonardo, NJ
Sadly, RST Video was closed when we got here.  It doesn't look like it's out of business though.  A peek through the windows shows shelves of movies and cash registers at the front counter.  There was also quite a large selection of previously viewed VHS tapes for sale.  Had they been open, I definitely would have added a few of them to my home video library.

These photos were taken from the front window.  You can see a copy of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back on DVD sitting on the windowsill.  There's also a sign by the register warning of a $3.50 charge if you are late returning a new release.
This is the view from the window on the front door showing the wall of previously viewed tapes that were for sale.  I would have searched through for Navy Seals for as long as it took to find it.  Those copies of Dick Tracy, Die Hard and Rocky & Bullwinkle would have come home with me too.