Apr 22, 2007

Rey de Voladores

Chikara: Rey de Voladores
New Alhambra Arena - Philadelphia, PA
There's nothing like a Sunday afternoon show at ECW arena.  You get to spend a few hours munching on soft pretzels and watching awesome pro wrestling, and then head down the road to Tony Luke's for cheesesteaks and bacon cheese fries.

This show has been called Rey de Voladores, which translates to King of Flyers.  It's a tournament of sorts which began with two four-way elimination matches, with the winner of each match facing off in a singles match to determine the winner.

Here are the results of the show:
  • Rey de Voladores Semi-Final Four Way Elimination Match
    Chuck Taylor defeated Ricochet, Pac and Retail Dragon
    Ricochet eliminated Retail Dragon, Pac eliminated Ricochet, Chuck Taylor defeated Pac
  • Rey de Voladores Semi-Final Four Way Elimination Match
    Lince Dorado defeated Equinox, Jigsaw and Ruckus
    Lince Dorado eliminated Equinox, Jigsaw eliminated Ruckus, Lince Dorado eliminated Jigsaw

Claudio Castagnoli holds Chris Hero down while referee Mike Quackenbush looks on.
Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli prepare to lock up.
Chris Hero attempts to make peace with Mike Quackenbush after his victory over Claudio Castagnoli.
Icarus stands victorious over Cloudy after the tag team championship main event as Gran Akuma looks at the crowd.