May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom by Atari

Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom
Atari (1985)
This was my favorite arcade game when I was growing up.  You play as Indy (obviously), and the game plays in three waves.  In the first wave, you climb through a mountain rescuing children from cages.  In the second wave, you steer a mine cart down a series of tracks.  In the third stage, you are in Mola Ram's palace to recover the Sankara Stone.  These three waves repeat three times before you confront Mola Ram on the rope bridge.  Following this, you enter a bonus stage called Fortune & Glory where you collect little golden idols while the Maharaj√° chases you around with a voodoo doll.

It's been ported to several home consoles and computers, but none of them do the game justice.  The arcade rom emulates perfectly on Mame, though it has never been released on an arcade compilation disc for any modern consoles.  The Internet Archive has a page that allows you to play the game through Mame directly on their website, but it ran too slowly when I tried it.

Go check out Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the theater.  Then, come home and jam out with an arcade classic.

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