May 23, 2008

Burger Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Indy Double Whopper
Burger King (2008)
After you go see Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, stop at Burger King for this delicious limited edition burger.  The Indy Double Whopper is made with two Whopper patties topped with bacon, pepperjack cheese and spicy Cajun mayonnaise.

If you order it as a meal, your french fry carton will include a promotional game piece.  There are two skulls, and if you scratch off the right one, you win the prize underneath.  The grand prizes include a million dollars, a trip to Peru or a new Hummer H2.

I won a free Croissantwich.  It's no Hummer, but I'll take it.  Also, as tempting as it might be, there are no prizes offered for scratching off the face of Shia LaBeouf.