Jul 6, 2008

Back In Black Diamond

Black Diamond Antiques & Collectibles
Schuylkill Mall - Frackville, PA
We stopped by Black Diamond for a little while before heading to Knoebels.  It's the best flea market store that I've ever been to.  It's a collection of well over a hundred different vendors.  Some of them are ridiculously expensive and others are very reasonable.  If you're patient, you can get some pretty good deals on vintage toys, comics, memorabilia and other fun things for a fraction of what you'd pay for them online.

This place is absolutely huge.  These photos barely scratch the surface of the kind of things that they have for sale here.  Money is a little tight this week so I only bought a few things, but are some of the more interesting items that caught my eye.

Even if you're flat broke, it's worth coming here just to look around.  I did have a few bucks to spend, so a few retro goodies came home with me.

When I was a kid, Tonka made a series of toys called WWF Wrestling Buddies.  They're pretty much just pillows that are shaped like professional wrestlers that kids could suplex and body slam around the living room without causing too much damage.  They had a Hulk Hogan one from either the late 80's or early 90's that was in good shape for a good price that I picked up.  I also bought a couple of Supernaturals action figures that I had when I was younger, and an ET card game that I never heard of before, but it was only a couple of bucks and it looked like a fun game.  Angie found a Barbie Doll case from either the late 70's or the early 80's.