Jan 25, 2015

The Hubcap Cheeseburger

White Haven Family Diner
Main Street - White Haven, PA
I've heard people from around the area refer to this as the "Hubcap Cheeseburger", but that's not what it's called on the menu at the White Haven Family Diner.  It's just called "cheeseburger" because they only offer one size.  It's a massive 14 oz burger made from twice ground sirloin that is made fresh daily and cooked to order.  As you can see, it takes up almost an entire dinner plate with the meat extending several inches past the bun.  I had mine with onions and mushrooms, and it came loaded with plenty of both - delicious!

The place was jammed when we got here, so we decided to eat at the counter rather than to wait for a booth.  This gave me an opportunity to take this lovely photo of my dad and stepmom enjoying their lunch on my way back from the restroom.