Jun 25, 2015

Retail Archaeology

The Salvation Army Family Store
West Broad Street - Hazleton, PA
They're remodeling the Salvation Army thrift store in downtown Hazleton.  The front of the building was stripped off, which revealed an old storefront from a furniture store that closed in 1984.  The neon bulbs were even still there.  They just covered over it with plaster and wood, or whatever materials made up the old Salvation Army storefront.

Rosen's was a furniture store in downtown Hazleton.  This location originally opened in 1923 and remained in business for parts of seven decades, through the Great Depression and two World Wars before closing in 1984.  I was technically alive when the store was open, but I don't have any memories of it.  Maybe there was a toddler in Northeast Pennsylvania who was in the market for a discount recliner in the mid-80's, but it wasn't me.