Sep 26, 2017

Hooked On Books

Horticulture Building
Bloomsburg Fair - Bloomsburg, PA
The Horticulture Building is one of my favorite places to visit at the Bloomsburg Fair.  I know virtually nothing about plants and flowers, and if I'm being honest, it's not a subject that I really want to invest the time to be an expert in.  However, I really like looking at plants and flowers.  In this area, I'm kind of like a child with a book that has pretty pictures, but 

Speaking of books, the front of the Horticulture Building where you first walk in is decorated every year based on a theme.  This year, that theme is books - specifically "Hooked On Literature".

The main display this year is a large fish in a rowboat that is made out of old reference books and surrounded by blue flowers that are meant to look like the water that the boat is floating on.  It's not my all-time favorite display.  Something about using books as a prop feels a bit unsettling to me, but it does look nice and I respect the work that goes in to creating something like this.

There is a large permanent fountain behind the main display in the Horticultural Building.  It's a bit like a wishing well.  People who attend the Fair are encouraged to toss a coin into the fountain.  All of the money is collected at the end of each day to be donated to local charities.  There's a seating area around the fountain which I have always found to be a very pleasant place to sit, relax, and have an apple cider float.

One of the parts of this building that never fails to fascinate me is a little room in the top corner of the building.  You can see it in the top center of the photo above, which was taken from the area in between the fountain and the Hooked On Books display in the front (the stone wall with the books that you see on the right is part of the border wall that surrounds the display with the fish).

When you first walk into the building, there is a small office on the right hand side.  If you walk a little bit further into the building and turn around, you'll see the little room that I'm talking about above that office.  I'm assuming that there is a staircase in the office that leads up to this little room.  

Here is a close-up.  It's nothing fancy - just a sitting area with a few pieces of Bloomsburg Fair memorabilia hanging on the wall.  I've never been to this room, nor do I know what it's for, but I've always sort of imagined it being a little area where the folks who are in charge of setting up and maintaining the Fair can go to sit with a coffee and have a moment of peace and quiet while still being completely enveloped by the Fair all around them.