Sep 16, 2017

Texas Hot Weiners

Texas Hot Weiner Lunch
Carlisle St - Hanover, PA
I love finding small diners like this.  There's just something about them that I find very peaceful and relaxing.  It's always been a dream of mine to own a diner in a small town.  Nothing fancy; just a little place to call my own where folks can come for good food at a fair price, and that makes enough of a profit to cover my bills.  If given the choice, I would take that life over the life of a millionaire businessman any day of the week.

This diner reminds me a bit of Jimmy's Quick Lunch in Hazleton.  Like Jimmy's, you can have your lunch at the counter, or you could sit in one of the booths.  Also like Jimmy's, the specialty here is chili dogs, which they refer to as a "Texas Weiner".  Growing up in Hazleton, my family always called them Coney Island Hot Dogs, and we kept calling them that years after the Coney Island restaurant closed.

There are old signs hanging on the wall that show the prices of food and drinks from the past.  I'm not sure how many tourists come through Hanover, but I'll bet the wait staff could tell you just based on the number of jokers who cry "false advertising" when they can't order a bottle of Rolling Rock for 15 cents.

They sure don't skimp on the chopped onions here.  I'll always prefer Jimmy's to any other hot dog on the planet, but the food here was very tasty and reasonably priced.  I'll definitely make it a point to stop here when I'm in town.