Nov 1, 2017

8-Bit Arcade

8-Bit Arcade
Wendy's Kids Meal: Design Your World
Fast food kids meal toys are usually themed after movies, cartoons or toys that the restaurant has licensed.  Despite this, some of the most memorable toys throughout my lifetime have been their own unique creation.  The most recent of these sets are the Wendy's "Design Your World" toys.

These are very simple toys - just four cardboard walls, a floor, and a plastic frame to use to put it together.  Each toy also comes with a plastic figure and a sheet of stickers that can be used to decorate the building and to turn your plastic figure into either a boy or a girl.

The 8-Bit Arcade is my favorite of the toys in this set. While not featuring any trademarks or specific games, the inside walls of the arcade features a claw machine, a space shooter, a racing game, and other retro video game imagery.  Very cool!