Oct 24, 2018

A Nightmare On Burger Street

Nightmare King
Burger King (2018)
Three years after they introduced the Halloween Whopper, Burger King has given us the Nightmare King.  This monster burger is made up of a quarter pound of beef and a crispy chicken patty topped with cheese, bacon, onions and mayo on a green bun.  The fast food chain claims to have done a clinical sleep study and found that eating the Nightmare Burger will make it 3.5 times more likely that you will have a nightmare when you fall asleep.

The bun wasn't quite as green as I was expecting, but it is a very tasty burger.  It reminds me a bit of the Churger from the Reading Fightin' Phils games.  It's just a shame that they didn't get Freddy Krueger to promote it.  They did have some pretty cool Frankenstein packaging though.

Nightmare King wrapper
French Fry bag