Nov 2, 2018

Pac Man Gives You Wings

Pac-Man Red Bull Arcade Cabinet
Bandai Namco (2018)
7-Eleven - Austin, TX
This specialty arcade cabinet not only features new special levels of Pac Man.  It also has a refrigerator stocked with Red Bull built into the cabinet in place of the coin box.  It even has graphics of a coin slot on the door of the fridge.

When playing the game, a can of Red Bull will randomly pop up and bounce around the screen.  When Pac-Man eats it, he gets surrounded by a shield that lets you shoot lightning at the ghosts.  It's incredible that after all these years, Pac-Man continues to be reinvented and embraced by the world.

Photo Credit: Dustun Rogers

Update: The arcade cabinet design is based on the Namco Pixel Bash machine (hat tip to Win Hickman and Todd Guse).