Aug 23, 2019

A Short Title About A Funny Product

Burrito Blanket
I love the idea, and I might have gotten one if not for the gimmicky nonsense that they use to try to sell them.

For starters, I bookmarked their ad three months ago.  At the time, there was a message warning me that I had better hurry because there's only five more left.  Also, the clock is ticking, because the sale will end in just a few minutes, after which the price goes back up to $89.95.  Sure enough, I clicked on it today and by an astonishing coincidence, there's only five in stock and a half hour left in the sale.  It's a bit hard to believe that this blanket won't fall apart when everything else they have to say about it is such obvious crap.  Then, there's the e-newsletter pitch on the website, which they have hilariously not changed from the template.
I don't know about you, but that short sentence that described what I'll receive by subscribing has really inspired me to start handing over my contact information.  Sorry, Team Burrito Blanket.  You've outsmarted yourselves.  I'll wait until they're at Dollar General for five bucks.