Sep 17, 2019

He Was Just What We Needed

The word genius is frequently attached to entertainers, but rarely is it as appropriate as when it's used to describe Ric Ocasek.  The singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist formed The Cars with Benjamin Orr in the 70s.  The music of The Cars was at least a decade ahead of its time, including Drive, Just What I Needed, Moving In Stereo, Hello Again and Since You're Gone, among many others.  After The Cars, Ric had a successful solo career.  He would go on to a successful career as a producer for a wide variety of bands including Bad Brains, Bad Religion, Guided By Voices, Hole, No Doubt and Weezer.  He also spent time drawing, painting and writing poetry, and last April, he and The Cars were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

Ric Ocasek passed away at his home in New York City yesterday.  Ric's sons shared this doodle, the last artistic creation of his incredible life, which they found on his chair.

Thank you for everything, sir.  The world was a better place because of you.