Oct 13, 2019

The Allentown Cheesesteak

Vince's Cheesesteak
Bloomsburg Fair
I'm torn on this one.  I absolutely love cheesesteaks, and I've had quite a lot of variations of cheesesteaks from many different restaurants over the years, and while Vince's Cheesesteak tasted just fine, it's not going to crack my top ten list of favorite cheesesteaks.

First of all, the meat doesn't taste like a cheesesteak.  It tastes like unseasoned ground hamburger meat.  Also, I'm just not digging the amount or flavor of American cheese as much as I do whiz or provolone.  Speaking of cheese, they kind of skimp on it.  You can't really see cheese in this photo, and I couldn't really taste it either.  On the plus side, I'm very cool with the fried onions, pickles, cherry peppers and homemade sauce, and the roll was packed with so much that you have to eat it with a knife and fork.

Vince's stand at the Bloomsburg Fair always has a line and just about everyone in earshot was raving about how much they enjoy them.  It was a tasty sandwich and I respect the creativity, but this just isn't my style when I'm looking for a cheesesteak.