Mar 14, 2020

Problematic Schmoblematic

The Hunt
Blumhouse Productions (2020)
If you watch this movie and you are "offended" in any way, you are part of the problem.  This film was a hysterically funny parody of the American political landscape against the backdrop of comically exaggerated violence.  It unapologetically mocks the hypocrisy and silly posturing of the far left and far right in modern America.  It doesn't take sides.  If there is a moral to the story, it's that everyone is a jackass, and that's a statement I can certainly get behind.

If you're looking for deep, pseudo-intellectual Oscar-bait, look somewhere else.  However, if you've ever read the comment section of any news story online and could only shake your head at how ridiculous we have become as a society, this movie is for you.