Apr 22, 2020

A Whole New World Map

Super Mario Maker 2: Final Update
Nintendo Switch (2020)
The last major update for Super Mario Maker 2 will be released later today, and it's got a ton of new features.  This update will add the frog suit and the super acorn, as well as a series of masks that allow you to disguise Mario as a Goomba or Bullet Bill.  You can also design a World Map to tie together your level designs into a full game.  There are others which are described in this video, but my favorite is the Super Mario Bros. 2 mushroom that gives Mario the powers to pick up enemies and throw them like he can do in SMB 2 on the NES.

It's a free update, so if you have the game, fire it up later today.  There's enough content on here to keep you busy for a long time.