May 24, 2020

Remembering My Family

Mountain View Cemetery
North St - West Hazleton, PA
From time to time, my daily walk with little Harvey takes a detour through the cemetery to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  We've walked through just about every part of the cemetery over the past eight years, and I've found quite a few other family members in the process.  They're not all buried in the same section, so it's very likely that there are others that I haven't found yet.

I'm going to look through some of my old photos and do a little research so that I can write more about each of them later on.  For right now, here are the photos of the headstones that I was able to find.

Great-Great Grandfather - Frederick Schweitzer
Great-Great Grandmother - Ida Rohde Schweitzer
Great Grandfather - William J. Schweitzer
Great Grandmother - Margaret Letcher Schweitzer (Granny)
Great Aunt - Margaret Elizabeth Schweitzer (Aunt Margie)
Great-Great Uncle - Herman Schweitzer
Great-Great Aunt - Marjorie Burke Schweitzer
Uncle Herman's military headstone.  He was a US Air Force pilot and POW in World War II.
Great-Great Uncle - Dick Schweitzer
Great-Great Aunt - Marjorie Brown Schweitzer (Dick's wife)
Great Uncle - George Schweitzer (Uncle Georgie)
Great Aunt - Donna Petrole Schweitzer
Great Uncle - George Mikula (Uncle Mix)
Great Aunt - Ida Schweitzer Mikula
Grandpa - William F. Schweitzer
Grandma - Joanne Scambia Schweitzer
Grandpa's military headstone.  He enlisted in the US Navy five days before the end of the Korean War.  He wasn't sent into combat and was nowhere near Korea, but they still identified him as a Korean War veteran.