Jun 25, 2020

Streaming In The Forest

Depeche Mode
Live From Home (2020)
At 3pm today, Live Nation will be streaming the last concert from Depeche Mode's Global Spirit Tour.  The show was held on July 28th, 2018 at The Waldb├╝hne in Berlin, Germany.  The concert video will also be released along with an album and documentary about the band in the Spirits In The Forest DVD set which will be available starting Friday.

Here is the setlist for the concert stream tomorrow:
  1. Going Backwards  
  2. It's No Good
  3. A Pain That I'm Used To
  4. Useless
  5. Precious
  6. World In My Eyes
  7. Cover Me
  8. The Things You Said
  9. Insight
  10. Poison Heart
  11. Where's The Revolution
  12. Everything Counts
  13. Stripped
  14. Enjoy The Silence
  15. Never Let Me Down Again
  16. I Want You Now
  17. Heroes (David Bowie cover)
  18. Walking In My Shoes
  19. Personal Jesus
  20. Just Can't Get Enough