Jun 6, 2020

Ernetsuo: The Iron Beard

Ernie the Bearded Dragon
The Last Drive In (2020)
This has not been a good year, but it always gets a little brighter at 9:00 pm on Friday night thanks to Joe Bob and Darcy.  The movies this week were Mayhem and Tetsuo: The Iron Man.  The first flick was great, and the second one was the most confusing 63 minutes of black and white footage I have ever seen, but I could at least attempt to understand and appreciate it with Joe Bob filling us in with the details and an explanation for the plot that I wouldn't have gotten from a thousand viewings on my own.

There are only a few weeks of episodes left this season.  I'm really going to miss this.  Until then, I'm going to appreciate every last moment of a spooky good time with monsters and ghosts, and crazy, kooky fun with the world's greatest host.