Jun 20, 2020

The Pandemic Hits The Clubhouse

Carpenter Complex
Clearwater, FL
Over the past week, five Phillies players and three team staff members tested positive for Covid-19.  They were all training and working out of the team's Spring Training complex in Clearwater, Florida.  The state of Florida has taken a very lackadaisical attitude towards public safety during the pandemic with packed beaches and an almost total lack of masks and social distancing, so it doesn't surprise me too much to learn that players and team personnel are testing positive for the virus.

There's more I want to say, but none of it is highly positive about the state of this country and it's people, so I'll close with this graph from Johns Hopkins University and my sincere hope that everyone recovers with no lasting damage to their health and quality of life.

As for the talks to restart baseball this year, I'll repeat what I wrote over a month ago: cancel the 2020 season and start working and planning for a safe start to the 2021 season.