Jul 22, 2020

If There's Something Strange On The Freezer Shelf...

Ecto Cooler
Hi-C (2016)
I recently had to clean out my freezer and I discovered this juice box hiding in the back.  Ecto Cooler is my all-time favorite sugary drink.  I drank gallons of this stuff when I was a kid, and when they bought it back as a limited edition flavor in the summer of 2016, I bought it buy the caseload.

I don't remember if I tossed this into the freezer to get cold and just forgot about it, or if I made a conscious choice to store it in there, but I'm very glad to have found it.  Had I known that it would keep this well, I would have put more of them in the freezer.  This box went past its best by date over three years ago, and after it was defrosted and given a good shake, it tasted exactly the same as it did in 2016.