Oct 27, 2020

The Bonaventure Boulevard Church Of Christ

He's not wrong.  You could get lost for hours wandering through the 3D walkthrough of this Kentucky house.  It's a former church building that became a warehouse home for a hoarder with an eBay store.  According to the CBS News affiliate in that area, a few thousand items were found in this building that were stolen from Kroger and Target, but the house is still loaded with everything you can possibly imagine (including a few pretty creepy things).

The oddities don't stop with the ridiculous amount of merchandise.  You really have to see for yourself how bizarre building itself is.  It includes side-by-side toilets, a massive bathtub room (just past a huge rack of Girls Gone Wild DVD and up a few carpeted stairs), urinals with shag carpeting, and a ridiculous amount of music, video games, all watched over by a mysterious cat who I am starting to believe is the true owner of the property.

I'm tempted to put together a list of items as a scavenger hunt.  For now, see if you can find the Finger Soccer, the Spring Tokyo Barbie and the framed photo of the doppelgangers.