Nov 28, 2020

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Virus

Heights EZ Stop Express
Hazleton, PA
This poorly written temper tantrum was scotch taped to the door that leads into a small gas station convenience store in town.  They could have saved themselves a lot of redundant typing by just hanging up a sign that reads "Management reserve the right to be irresponsible douchebags".

Not surprisingly, when I walked up to the counter to pay, neither of the two employees that I saw were wearing masks.  One of them was stuffing a sandwich in his face at the register while working and handling money and change; true professionalism at its finest.

While the spelling errors are comical (the store has several aisles, but no "isles" that I could see), the most amusing part of the sign is the blatant hypocrisy.  Directly below the crybaby letter which taunts the customers for their "fear" of bringing a deadly virus home from the store to their family, there is another sign which presumably existed before Covid-19 - an underlined request for the customers to remove their hoods and sunglasses.

Funny... all that talk about freedom and the "land of the free" seems to go out the window with regard to the customer's clothes.  Unless I'm mistaken, the policy about hoods and sunglasses is born out of the management's fear of shoplifters or thieves who are trying to mask their identity.  Management is quick to say that "if you feel unsafe entering the building, maybe you should not do so".  Using that same logic, if you feel unsafe from customers wearing sunglasses or a hoodie, maybe you should not manage a retail establishment.  As for myself, I wear prescription sunglasses when it's sunny, and I put my hood up whenever I damn well please.  If that scares you, too bad.  My freedom doesn't end where your fear begins.  For more information, please see the asinine two page letter that's taped to the front door.