Nov 19, 2020

Like Sleeping Inside A Cozy Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey Pillow
Arby's (2020)
If you're looking for a nice place to lay down and go into a tryptophan coma after you have Thanksgiving dinner, the Arby's Deep Fried Turkey Pillow may be for you.

This fluffy turkey hat is more than just an ordinary pillow.  Stick it on your noggin, pull down on the drumsticks and presto - you've got a basted fowl isolation chamber.  If you wear it out in public, the general public will be sure to give you six feet of distance as an added protection against Covid-19.

As much as I'd love to take a nap inside of my Thanksgiving dinner, $60 is a bit out of my price range.  However, if you've always wanted to stick your head inside of a bird, feel free to pay a visit to to order this lovely pillow.