Nov 9, 2020

The '86 Athletics Connection

Interesting observation by Christopher Kamka on Twitter.  On October 29th, the Chicago White Sox announced that they've hired 76 year old Hall Of Fame manager Tony LaRussa to manage the team in 2021.

Tony LaRussa made his debut as the Oakland Athletics manager on July 7th, 1986.  His first season as the A's manager was the final season of Dusty Baker's 18 year playing career.  The outfielder was 37 years old and would appear in 83 games for the Athletics in the 1986 season.

Mr. Baker would go on to make his managerial debut in 1993 and will manage the Houston Astros in 2021 at 71 years of age.  He will be the second oldest manager in the game next year - five years younger than his former manager, Mr. LaRussa.